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Age discrimination and young workers

Regardless of the field you work in, you need to remember that discrimination is a serious problem that impacts workers who belong to various ethnic, religious and age groups. Unfortunately, many workers over the age of 40 experience discrimination because they are older. In fact, there are a number of legal issues that young workers

Auto industry plagued by sexism, sexual harassment

If you are a female working in the automotive field, you face a particularly high chance of falling victim to sexual harassment, even though many industry leaders claim the field wants and needs more female workers. According to Automotive News, a survey taken by about 900 women working in various segments of the auto industry

What constitutes materially adverse actions?

When you engage in lawfully protected behavior like reporting workplace harassment or acting as a witness against illegal activity at work, it is possible someone at your workplace might retaliate against you. The purpose of such retaliation is more than just an act of spite. It is to deter other workers from engaging in similar

What workplace protections can you expect after your pregnancy?

Past posts on this blog describe the workplace rights you have as a pregnant mother in California. Yet what about after the delivery of your baby? Maternity leave falls among those workplace protections, giving you the time needed to recover from your delivery and to bond with your new baby. It also helps your body

Can your employer fire you after returning from a work injury?

A recent work injury forced you to take time off to heal and recover. You are glad your California employer has workers’ comp insurance, but that does not guarantee your job if you recover enough to return to your regular position.  You found this out the hard way when you learned that you no longer have

What you should know before filing a whistleblower complaint

Perhaps you have witnessed wrongdoing by your employer in your workplace, such as sexual harassment of a co-worker or misuse of public funds. You know that the right thing to do is to report your concerns, but you may not know how to go about it. You may also fear punishment from your employer, such

Understanding California’s employment-at-will doctrine

If you feel as if your employer terminated you unfairly, your natural reaction may be to consider filing a complaint. Whether your employer was acting outside of the law in firing you depends on several factors, among them whether the state’s employment-at-will doctrine applies to you.  What does employment at will mean, though, and how

What is the difference between an independent contractor and an employee?

Workers can be employees or they can be categorized as independent contractors. The distinction is very important, as the California Labor Code treats them differently. Assembly Bill 5, which became law in 2019, provides employers a methodology for determining whether a new hire is an actual employee or employed as an independent contractor. While most

Understanding equal pay parameters

Most people who are employed today have come into the workforce after the 1963 enactment of the Equal Pay Act and may therefore assume that the spirit of this law is well understood and practiced by all employers. Unfortunately, this may not always be the case. It is, therefore, important that every employee have a

State and federal laws prohibit ageist employment discrimination

Many Americans are living longer and participating in the workforce well after the traditional retirement age. However, too many employers continue to discriminate against “older” employees. From denied training opportunities to career change hurdles or even the loss of long-held positions, U.S. employees over the age of 40 often face serious bias. Employees should know that

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