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Why employees should not fear whistleblowing

With the number of people who are fired or denied workplace privileges for being whistleblowers rising, many people watch unlawful acts without doing a thing about them. The law is very complicated in matters regarding whistleblowing, but there is a way it also protects such persons. Not all whistleblowers know that they enjoy protection from

Discrimination, harassment and retaliation settled by Democrats

The California Democratic Party has recently settled lawsuits filed by a leader who used to work in the organization. There were three lawsuits filed, all naming Eric Bauman as an aggressor in incidents involving sexual harassment, unwanted physical contact and other unacceptable situations. The discrimination, harassment and retaliation lawsuits were recently settled, one of which was settled

Comparing pay stubs and personal records can help spot wage theft

Getting paid is something that most people find the most appealing about their jobs. They may count their hours, add up paychecks that are on the way and think about what they will spend their earnings on. Of course, some workers can be taken aback if the checks that they receive and what they anticipated

Are you the victim of a hostile work environment?

Everyone in California has the right to enjoy a working environment that is free from hostility. Unfortunately, many individuals find their work settings to be less than ideal. If a person feels he or she is commonly subjected to a hostile work environment, there is something that can be done about it. However, it is

Race should have nothing to do with equal pay and compensation

Wanting to get paid fairly for one’s work is understandable. Unfortunately, even in today’s world, where more women than ever are entering the workforce, they still are making less than men. According to a recently published article, Latinas, in particular, are severely affected. What can this population in California do to help themselves receive equal

Would you recognize “quid pro quo” sexual harassment?

The issue of sexual harassment has finally made its way from the back burner to the front, thanks to the exposure it receives from the #MeToo movement. More people here in California and across the nation are coming forward with their stories and are no longer suffering in silence. Even with the additional exposure, sexual harassment

Doctor wins big in wrongful termination case

A doctor in another state lost his job in 2015 after reporting a safety issue he noted at the hospital for which he was employed — Massachusetts General. Initially, a spokesperson for the hospital stated he was fired due to a patient confidentially violation; however, hospital officials have since changed their tune and opted to

Jury awards millions in discrimination

One’s workplace should be a safe place. It should not be a place where certain aspects of one’s personal life affect how one is treated. Unfortunately, discrimination in the workplace is a very real problem in California and elsewhere. A recent case in another state shows just how seriously this issue is taken. According to

Disability discrimination is real and illegal

When it comes to employment, there are various protected classes in the United States. Those in these classes cannot be discriminated against, and if they are, they may have legal recourse. This week, this column will specifically address disability discrimination and what California residents who are victims of it can do about it. If an

Don’t be afraid to be a whistleblower

While the vast majority of businesses in California operate above board, there are a few where employees may notice questionable, possibly illegal things taking place. Those who are witness to such things have every right to speak up. A whistleblower should feel free to express concerns without fear of retaliation. There are both state and

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