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Women still dealing with lower wages for the same work

Celebrities at award shows may make the headlines by calling for equal pay for the work they do. However, in their glamor and spotlights, they may not speak for you. While Hollywood has brought to light many important issues, ultimately, you are the one whose paycheck is less than your male counterparts. In fact, actors

Victims of wrongful termination may seek relief

Every day, numerous California residents are fired from their jobs. For some, this is done with good reason. For others, wrongful termination may be suspected. When it is, victims may seek relief through legal means. The simple truth of the matter is, not all firings are illegal. The majority of the workforce in the United

Age discrimination may also have elements of sexism

Federal and California laws prohibit discrimination against a number of protected classes during any phase of the employment process. This means an employer may not refuse employment, raises, promotions or other opportunities to someone based on the person’s race, religion, sex, age or other factors. However, in recent years, older Americans are noticing signs that

Employment contracts don’t always protect workers

Not every job requires a contract between employer and employee. However, when the job includes complex benefits, access to trade secrets or other critical issues, a contract may help clarify the rights and responsibilities of each side. California employees should be cautious when accepting a position that includes an employment contract because the fine print

Retaliation may follow complaints of discrimination

Sometimes things do not go smoothly in the workplace. California employees who feel their bosses or other workers are treating them unfairly may file a complaint, either with the bosses, with human resources or with an outside authority, such as the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. While some employers may learn from such a complaint

Hooters settles in sexual harassment lawsuit

As an employee, you have rights protecting you from sexual harassment in the workplace. Both California and federal laws protect you from harassment. Two male Hooters employees in the Los Angeles area recently settled a lawsuit that involved a superior allegedly sexually harassing them and then retaliating after the men reported the harassment. The case

Bernard Alexander was selected as a Top Labor and Employment Lawyer in California by the Daily Journal on July 10, 2019

Alexander has been a successful plaintiffs-side employment lawyer for one simple reason: He never underestimates an employee’s value. “Some employers go to trial because they don’t understand that value and some settle because they do,” said Alexander, a founding partner at Alexander Krakow & Glick LLP. “Our goal is to make them see that value.”

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